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Thicker Than Water


"You’re doing great." Jack felt bad asking Ianto to use his senses when they were already as overloaded as they were. With time and practice he was positive the other would be able to sharpen and hone his skills and heightened senses, but being so new, it must be difficult. Very difficult he realized as he heard the deep breaths and the signs of Ianto trying hard to pull himself together. But now they had a direction.

"Dammit," Jack groaned. Two dead victims already and another new vampire were not at all what he had been hoping to find out here. It wasn’t their fault of course, but Jack couldn’t help feeling that if they’d come out sooner, if he’d figured out what it was sooner then they might have been able to- well no point dwelling on it now.

The SUV was between them and the infected person, so Jack started towards it, gun out, tense. “You stay here,” he whispered as they made it to the vehicle. Jack had only passed it when he saw something in the distance and froze. It was there one second and gone the next. Suddenly something charged at him and he only had time to yell out in surprise as he was knocked off his feet and flat on his back, something heavy weighing on him and snarling as he struggled to push it away.

"Maybe I should…" Ianto had a bad feeling of Jack going out to investigate by himself. Though he did understand that he himself was completely useless at the moment, bent over trying not to hyperventilate. So he watched as Jack head towards the area he smelled the blood, leaning against the SUV for support. 

There was the faint sound of a twig snapping and Ianto froze, eyes quickly scanning the area. They both saw movement and that was when he pushed off the SUV, taking a step towards Jack’s side. “Jack don’t…” But he couldn’t get the rest of the words out. In a flash something was on top of Jack.

Anger flared up in the Welshman’s chest and his hissed loudly, baring his fangs to what was attacking. The other vampire turned and hissed back, moving from Jack to pushing Ianto against a tree in the matter of a second. It hissed and snarled in his face, trying hard to take a bite at him. Ianto fought back, letting out a growl of his own as he tried to push the creature away. A strong hand wrapped around his throat but that opened up Ianto’s hand and he reached into his pocket and pulled out his stun gun, aiming it right for the creature’s neck, sending a few hundred shock waves through its body. The other vampire dropped to the ground giving Ianto a chance to breath again. 

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Guardian of the Rift


Jack already knew how Ianto felt, at least he was pretty sure he did, but hearing it now was more satisfying than he’d expected it to be. Up until now he thought it would be too painful to admit out loud that they loved each other, with one of them being condemned to live on forever, long after the other had passed away. But breaking through that fear felt good, he was happy, it was worth it.

Dropping his gaze with a smile that would have looked shy if he weren’t Jack Harkness, he stepped out of the shower and looked at himself in the mirror. He was glad Ianto liked his wings. He had to admit they were rather nice looking and he’d always thought Ianto looked stunning when he let his wings and markings show. “Thanks, I think I like them too. Or I would if I knew what to do with them.” Stretching them out again, he yawned and nodded.

"You’re right, let’s forget about it for now and go lie down." Being in a familiar bed with Ianto in his arms sounded like the best idea they’d ever had. He was so tired still, and painkillers were still running through him though he was slightly aware of a dull ache beginning to spread over his back. However, the Rift didn’t leave Jack’s mind completely. Even if Ianto didn’t want to know what his connection to it was, Jack still did. It would feel much better to have at least some questions answered, but they could worry about that later.

The two of them spent quite awhile trying to work out how to fit them both on the bed, but finally they got comfortable. Too tired to talk, Jack just stroked Ianto’s hair and got lost in his eyes until his own slipped closed and he fell asleep.

Ianto let out a sigh of relief. His usually stubborn lover was letting the rift conversation drop for now. Yes, he understood that it was something that needed to be investigated more, but right now he was just worried about Jack. He needed to make sure Jack would be ok for the first night. 

They spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to lay together now that both had wings. The tight room under the office wasn’t build for two being with large wingspans. Ianto gave up the freedom of having his own wings out for the sake of giving Jack room. Once tucked in to bed, they laid together in peaceful silence. It didn’t take long for Jack to fall asleep, still exhausted from the ordeal of the day. Ianto stayed up a bit longer though watching his lover sleep somewhat peaceful. Anytime Jack would move and wince from pulling his wings, Ianto would reach over and gently smooth out feather, letting the other know he was still there. 

A week past and Jack seemed to being getting used to having wings. They learned on day two that like Ianto Jack could hide them away fro sight as well. When he was in the hub though, Jack like to keep them out, stretching them out as much as possible. He wasn’t just content with that though. Ianto knew what Jack wanted to do. He wanted to fly but the Welshman wasn’t sure if he could honestly teach Jack how to. It was an instinct that sort of just came to him. 

"Throwing yourself off a building isn’t the best plan…trust me I know from experience…"

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  • two songs
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  • two anything

I just want a GoT AU please…

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Martha let her arms fall to her sides and let her legs part slightly so that he could stand between them. Dark eyes focused on him before she nodded, “I don’t mind if you don’t.” She bit her lip lightly when she felt his fingers skim along her thighs and the edge of her skirt.

She was wearing sheer stockings with garters since she didn’t like to have her legs completely bare when she was out fighting aliens in a skirt. It worked, her skirts weren’t terribly tight and there were zippers up the sides of them to make a slit to accommodate running.

Blue eyes met brown for a moment, staring, trying to see if she was honestly ok with this. Martha was first a friend and he would never want to do anything to change that. But her body was warm and soft against his and there was want and understanding in those brown eyes. He leaned down pressing his lips to hers. The kiss was soft, tentative; exploring new territory for the first time.  

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Jack rubbed his temples a bit. He just couldn't wrap his head around the device that apparently turned adults into children, and the current Welsh child, that sitting nearby doing. Wait. What was Ianto doing anyway? "Ianto?" He asked, standing up and walking into the other room to look for the other.



Ianto was going to look for something to eat. The once adult Welshman was now no older than 4 and his stomach was growling loudly. He quietly left Jack to see if he could find cookies or crisps to eat, but as soon as he made it to the main levels of the Hub and looked up his attention was distracted by Myfanwy flying over head. “Woooow….”

Jack heard Myfanwy squawk and he followed the noise. He leaned against the railing as he watched the Welsh child. He smiled as he walked over a bit closer. “Want to see her up close?”

Ianto jumped, Jack’s voice surprising him since he thought he was alone. Wide blue eyes looked between the Captain and the pteradon with a mix of excitement and fear. “She’s not going to eat me right…?”

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seduce me with lots of amazing headcanons about my otp

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If you could say one thing to my character’s face without any repercussion, what would you say?

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Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character.

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